5 Natural Supplements for Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety And Depression: Discover Relief With Natural Supplements

In case you are wondering whether natural supplements are legal, you no longer have any cause for alarm. The U.S food and drug administration (FDA) approved several natural prescriptions as alternative remedies for anxiety and depression. There are now many options for stress relief today. An increasing number of people are opting to shift to natural ways of coping with anxiety and depression due a desire to reduce chemical content in their bloodstream. There is no need to suffer with the expense and side effects of prescription medications because there are now many natural supplements available that can help with a variety of symptoms, ranging from severe mood swings, to manic depression.
The recent recession and slump in global economies are in part responsible for creating high rates of insecurity and extreme mood swings. Most countries, whether they are established or considered to be in the developmental stages share the same problem of employment-uncertainties, even though at different levels. According to naturopathic physicians, slumping economies are the becoming the biggest reasons for the high rates of stress among people around the globe regardless of their age and culture. For example, Today, approximately 15 million adult Americans suffer from major depressive disorder related to income related insecurities. This translates to 7% of the national population. Unfortunately, based on statistical data, economists predict that this number will continue to rise in the future.

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There are many studies around the world that focus on the medicinal value of herbs that have served humanity for centuries. Consequently, there is an increase in these alternative healing herbs on the market online and in global demand. Those of us who are interested in maintaining proper balance regarding our health, both on physical and emotional level, must seek out natural alternatives. The good news is that chronic feelings of sadness and hopelessness can easily be cured by the use of safe, natural supplements without any risk of side effects.

In this brief report, we will explore several options that are available and steps that you can take to accomplish this. It is my pleasure to share with you what I have discovered from years of study and research. What I have learned is that, in most situations, even severe cases of anxiety and depression can be controlled with the help of natural supplements.


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Here are five natural supplements for anxiety and depression that will greatly help to control your symptoms:


Fish Oil (Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

Fish oil is the known substance with the richest omega-3 fatty acids. This component is responsible for optimizing brain chemistry. It is the most effective building block of your brain cells according to naturopathic physician Paul Anderson of Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. It is readily found in most cold-water fish.The most common fatty acids available to most Americans is omega-6 found in nuts and canola oil. The absence of Omega-3 causes nerve dysfunction eventually. This means that you will not be able to make efficient nerve transmissions to your brain with precision. A brain that does not function properly leads to the feeling of anxiety and depression.
Omega 3 fatty acids will restore your mood and help you to remain calm, which you desperately need in order to be effective in your daily tasks. Restlessness and anxiety caused by a deficiency of omega three not only disrupts your effectiveness at work but also affects the people around you. You are likely to affect the lives of your family, friends, and workmates negatively without intending to do so. Most studies indicate that adults with diets that lack omega-3 but are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, have relatively high levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. These molecules only emerge when people are stressed or experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
Regular consumption of omega-3 has proved helpful to women included in a major research study. In the study, the participant’s symptoms of depression was decreased by an amazing 30%. Only patients with chronic diseases such as coronary heart diseases showed no sign of improvement. Since fish oil is affordable and readily available, treatment of depression should be easy and relatively quick among the majority of the population today.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D’s reputation of calcium absorption is famous for sustaining healthy teeth and strong bones. It is also among the most versatile of all nutrients. Latest studies have indicated positive results from use of the nutrient towards combating anxiety and depression. For example, a study conducted in 2008 in Norway which involved patients who suffered from obesity, showed a significant decrease in the amount of stress experienced by all participants following the intake of Vitamin D supplements. Regular doses of Vitamin D on a weekly weekly basis continued to produce significance results for the overweight men and women. It had similar levels of impact on both sexes regardless of their age and background.
The test conducted later on the same subjects showed improved neurotransmitter function. When taken for anxiety and depression, it is very important to maintain up to 40,000 ius every week, If this dosage is continued without fail, positive changes will begin to occur. The good part is that one will continue to notice improvement which gradually increases over the next year. There used to be rumors about the toxicity of Vitamin D but extensive research has since put the debate to rest. The conclusion of the matter is that; this vitamin has no side effects. Follow up blood tests on patients up to three months after beginning supplement in-take shows zero signs of side effects.

Kava Root

Kava root is a popular non-addictive and non-hypnotic anxiolytic. It has been used mostly in Asia to improve mood, reduce anxiety levels, and boost sociability. In terms of anxiety and depression, it has earned a good reputation for its calming properties over the years among recognized cultures. In research studies, kava root has proven to be effective in the stimulation of the brain’s dopamine receptors. This supplement also induces a pleasant sensation of euphoria, making it an important first-line therapy solution for general anxiety disorders. Studies have found that Kava root is among the safest supplements for patients who suffer from axiety and depression but also happen to be taking other medication.

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Side effects of excessive consumption of Kava root are, at best–mild. Avoid the urge of taking large doses in the beginning in an attempt to quicken the results. Every individual is different. Therefore, it is usualy best to begin with a small amount and slowly increase as you see how your mind and body responds, this will help you determine the effect of this supplement in your system so that you can decide the dosage that works best for you. Some users might notice loose stool when first trying kava root If you find that your stomach is sensitive to the capsule form, you can choose to take it in another way. Simply take the fat-soluble version, which is available in spray form. This unique formula is easily absorbed through the skin and enters the system before it reaches your stomach. Kava root has been effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression for many years. Ongoing research studies continue to reveal even more benefits of taking this amazing natural supplement.

B-Complex Vitamins

Experts recommend B-Complex for anxiety and depression related issues. Since one of the major causes of depression is an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, which are utilized by neurotransmitters, enhancing this connection helps to relieve you from these adverse symptoms. Restoration of proper balance within your brain chemistry and nourishing the brain cells themselves has the effect of both improving and strengthening the communication between the two, thereby allowing the transmission of the correct signals.
This is the same way in which antidepressants such as Prozac and Serotonin help to boost the neurotransmitters. Vitamins B6 and B3 (niacinamide) supplements play a vital role in improving your condition. They enable your body’s system of amino acid conservation. L-tryptophan is the amino acid responsible for converting tryptophan into serotonin. A study conducted in New York city which involved subjects who suffered from depression showed a significant amount of improvement among those who’s blood tests indicated the required amount of vitamin B6 in their system.

5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan)

5-HTP (hydroxytryptophan) is also a widely used amino acid the greatly enhances serotonin levels. It is among the most reliable supplements today taken, especially by aduls who are currently on other medications. The main role of 5-HTP is to catalyze the production of serotonin. In fact, 5 HTP turns in to serotonin in your body. The conversion is a quick process. You should ensure a continuous dosage of 5-HTP for at least six weeks for the desired effect. It provides the same benefits as many other supplements and anti-depressants but has the least side-effects. The complete conversion of 5-HTP to serotonin makes it the most reliable and safe of all supplements within this report.



Anxiety and depression can certainly be controlled naturally with the right combination of supplements. As always, It is important to follow the directions on the label. These and other natural supplements are available here via Amazon at affordable prices if you are on a budget. Do not harbor stress when there are many safe and non-addictive options available. Further Research is ongoing and advancing with more and more evidence of the most effective supplements available.
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