Best Natural Cures for Insomnia

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Insomnia: The Many Causes And How We Can Prevent It

Insomnia can be a frustrating condition. Imagine going to bed and spending hours awake even when the lights are off and your surroundings are quiet. Sleep is the natural way of rejuvenating the mind and repairing our body’s connective tissues after a day’s activity; people lack sleep during the night due to various factors. It can be biological where you keep waking up in the night to urinate. In those situations, falling to sleep again can sometimes be impossible. A noisy bedroom or environment, over thinking because of life stresses, and using tech devices prior to going to bed, can also make it difficult to get to sleep. Scientists confirm human behavior as one of the primary causes of insomnia; eating habits and activities before sleep can also determine if you will get quality rest or not.

Insomnia is increasingly becoming of concern in the 21st century; everyone is prone to experience sleepless nights on occasion. This widespread problem has led to the existence of multiple drugs and pills to induce sleep. While they can sometimes have a temporary effect, ingesting these chemicals will eventually lead to damage of one’s body, tissues and organs. Sleep is a natural process; when attempting to improve it’s overall quality, it’s always best to take a natural approach. Insomnia can occur whenever hormones within the brain that are responsible for relaxing the mind are inhibited or not functioning normally, the best way to subvert the effect is through natural processes.

The following natural remedies are proven to be much safer and more effective than sleeping pills:


Valerian root

Valerian root is a popular remedy for treating anxiety and stress as well as insomnia. The healing properties of this plant are quite amazing; valerian extract contains natural sedative components. This supplement releases elements that boost the amount of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is found in a special type of eta. GABA helps in calming nerve cells, which respond to anxiety signals; blocking these signals and calming the nerves help in reducing excessive brain activity. The mind must be in a relaxed state for you to sleep. So long as nerve cells and anxiety signals are active in the brain, you will stay awake throughout the night.
Valerian root is a scientifically proven natural cure to insomnia. The most common way to take it is in capsule form. I personally take 2-3 500 mg capsules each night before bedtime. They seem to be most effective when taken with water and on an empty stomach.

Proper dinner

Food influences body organs and systems; the type of food you eat before bed has a lot to with the overall quality of sleep. Yes, some food can cause a poor night’s rest because the internal organs are still active while trying to detoxify. Digestion begins immediately when food reaches your stomach. High levels of sugar intake prior to bedtime has a drastic effect on one’s ability to fall asleep; high blood sugar increases heart rate and metabolism. For this reason, it is recommended that we avoid eating foods or snacks that are high in sugar during the late evening hours. When the brain is busy sending and receiving signals from the digestive system, your body will certainly be active as well.
Apart from types of food, eating patterns have a lot to do with insomnia. Avoid eating late at night; your body has to undergo full digestion process hence unrest. Set your dinnertime 2 hours before bedtime to allow body systems to function naturally.
Something else to consider is your surroundings. In order to enjoy a good night’s sleep, it is best that your room is very quiet and with as little light as possible. Darkness actually increases our brain’s production of melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycles.

Increased Calcium intake

Yes, Calcium has a lot to do with sleep cycles. In fact, how fast and how long rapid eye movement (REM) lasts is dependent on calcium level in your body. REM is the climax of sleep; some people never get to this sleep period, especially those who suffer from insomnia. If you study sleep cycles, you will notice that REM is the longest; during this period, the unconscious part of the brain is at work. Most people experience vivid dreams during the REM sleeping period. It is important to undergo full sleeping cycles because it affects brain activity the next morning; brain responsiveness the next day is largely dependent on completion of sleeping cycles. Your Body's energy level as well as social interactions during the day can all be pointed back to sleeping pattern and the duration of REM.
If you are having difficulty falling asleep, increase your calcium intake as this might be one of the major causes. Of course, there are often other factors to consider such as anxiety but calcium levels in the body still play a major role in overall sleep quality. One of the most effective remedies for insomnia is a calcium-magnesium combination; both are significant in increasing melatonin and serotonin, which determine sleep patterns and levels. Calcium and magnesium are absorbed better together hence effective in inducing sleep.

Supplementing With magnesium

Magnesium is a calming mineral that is proven to help with insomnia; sleep problems may be the result of a Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium alters functions of nerve cells and signals from the brain with relation to sleep. The brain may not stop functioning even when you are asleep because of challenges you encountered during the day. During the night, the conscious mind is suppressed as the unconscious mind takes over. Magnesium helps in blocking signals to the unconscious mind during the night hence calming the nerve cells, which typically react to anxiety and any stress. One major symptom of a Magnesium deficiency is when the brain continues functioning through the night with anxiety signals moving throughout the body; in more serious cases of insomnia, the heart rate is increased.
While dark chocolate and vegetables like spinach and pumpkin seeds can slightly magnesium levels in the human body over time, you can get immediate results by simply taking magnesium supplements. For the best result, take a a calcium-magnesium combination. This is available in pill form and is affordably priced. As with all other supplements, calcium-magnesium can be easily ordered via our Amazon store.

Passion Flower

Most anti-anxiety sleep aids lead to drowsiness or inactivity the following day; this is not the case with Passion Flower. It is a naturally calming herb that will naturally solve any issues involving insomnia. Passion Flower alters functions of nerve cells in the brain that respond to anxiety and stress. Also, it blocks anxiety signals traveling to the heart and muscles from the brain. Once the signals are blocked, the body relaxes. Muscles and tissues are at rest hence ease of falling asleep. Sleep has everything to do with one's mental state; if the mind is over active and disturbed, muscles and tissues will react in the same manner thus inhibiting sleep. In addition, melatonin cannot be produced well while in a state of anxiety.
Instead of anti-depressant drugs or over-the-counter sleep aids that cause fatigue in the morning, consider using Passion Flower to alleviate insomnia. When you awake, you will feel refreshed and energetic.

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Healthy lifestyle is characterized by good night’s sleep. there is no replacement for quality sleep because it determines your emotions and physical energy the next morning. While drugs and anti-depressant pills can sometimes provide some relief from insomnia, most of the effects are short term. Instead, You can take these non habit- forming supplements with confidence, as they will provide a safe and long lasting solution to the problem of insomnia.



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